An MSc program in English in Health Engineering

Auton'Hom-e is an International Master degree between France and Portugal. Click to learn more !

Auton’Hom-e is an International Master degree related to « Technical and socio-economic solutions for people’s autonomy » and « Information Management for Ambient Assisted Living – TeleHealth« . The first year takes place at the Universidade de Beira Interior in Covilhã (Portugal), and the second year at the Université de Limoges (France). The official language of training is English.

You have been studying in one of these domains ?

  • Health sciences including Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy
  • Computer Science including Communication networks, Home Automation and ICT
  • Social Sciences
  • Human resources management and logistics
  • Public Health Management
  • Hospital Administration
  • Global Health and Public Policy
  • e-Health Management
  • Bio Sciences including Bioengineering and Genetics
  • Bioinstrumentation, Epidemiology, Biotechnology
  • Other Sciences related with health or computer science

Embark on an international experience, with mobility fundings and a 6-month internship in one of the partner countries of the consortium. Entry requirements consist of a bachelor’s degree (or other relevant degree-level qualification) and required competences in the abovementioned fields.

Read the Auton’home Brochure for more information !



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